Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stamp on comic book sketch cover by Frank Cho

I haven't seen this before - a blank comic book cover with art by Frank Cho and a cancelled Star Wars stamp. It looks as though the stamp and cancellation were done before the drawing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Asterix stamps from Germany

These were issued on September 1, 2015 I believe. There's a booklet, a sheet and a set of postal stationary at least.

These images are from e-bay where I bought my sets earlier today.

Moonshot comic anthology's postage

A Kickstarter campaign for Moonshot, a Canadian comic anthology had the following reward:

BOOK + CUSTOM COLLECTIBLE POSTAGE STAMPS This special reward package includes the complete book with all of the above goodies PLUS a set of 5 real usable Canadian Collector Stamps featuring original artwork by internationally acclaimed, award winning artist Jeffery Veregge! *Note: these are real usable stamps custom made by Canada Post that you can use to send mail from Canada, within Canada, or to the US!

Mine arrived this week, and you can see them in the image to the left, along with a bookmark by Veregge.