Thursday, November 27, 2008

Postage sale on Zazzle through Sunday

Zazzle's knocking $6 off their sheets of postage until Sunday - they've got Zippy stamps from Bill Griffith. I'm looking for other licensed comics and cartoons now. They still have Disney, although you could spend your entire income on those. Two other comics - Liberty Girl, a small press comic book and 100 Covers, a webcomic from Comicmix (at least as of a couple of months ago)

Thanksgiving Postage Sale!
$11.99/sheets of postage! Ends Sunday!

Hartford Courant features French Garfield stamps

The Hartford Courant for November 26, 2008 featured an article on the French Garfield stamps that came out in September. Given the fantastic amount of French comics or b-ds, I don't really know why the French post office is featuring Garfield. Is he wildly popular in France?

LAT stamps coming from Malaysia

The great cartoonist LAT is getting a set of postage stamps next week. This article says "said the stamps would have a variety of images related to Lat's cartoon collections -- The Kampung Boy, Home-Made Games, The Fierce Teacher and the Town Boy."

There's a variety of material to collect - "The Lat's cartoon stamp collection comprises four designs in the 50 cent denomination, and it will also include a First Day cover, miniature sheet, RM5.50 folder and a RM3 stamp booklet."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Zippy stamps?

Zippy stamps? Could it be? Well, there's Zippy postage at least. Unfortunately these things are always more expensive than they should be, but I ordered 1 set. Only 7 more to go. Hopefully Bill Griffith is getting a decent cut of the price.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Former cartoonist and political illustrator designes stamp

The stamp is on Alzheimer's disease and by Matt Mahurin. I'll be buying a sheet on Monday even though it's not a cartoon image. See "From Rock Videos to an Alzheimer’s Stamp," By ROBIN FINN, New York Times November 2, 2008 and the press release is here.