Saturday, October 8, 2011

Costa Rica's Tricolin stamp

In addition to the gag cartoonists stamps, this year's children's stamp is Don Carlos Enrique Figueroa Quesada's cartoon character Tricolin. They are also available via the Costa Rican Post website.

Belgian post issues new Tintin stamp

It's been announced for quite a long time, but the new Tintin stamp is finally here.  It features images from all films that have featured the quiffed one, and is available from the Belgian Post Philately Website.  Earlier this year, a second comics-themed sheet was issued with artwork by a host of Belgian gag cartoonists.

100 Years of Finnish comics

Finland has a long tradition of comics-themed post stamps, with their annual Moomin issue.  This year, an additional set of stamps was issued, celebrating 100 years of Finnish comics.  For each of the decade from the 1910's until the 1960's, a character that first appeared in that time is presented on one of the stamps.  The series was designed by cartoonist Ville Tietäväinen, and is available as a sheet of self-adhesive stamps, an FDC and a cancelled postcard.  More info on the stamps and on how to order on the Finland Post Website.

new comics stamp from Greenland

Last May, The Greenland post office published a third issue in their series on Greenland comics.  It features the Character Kaassassuk and is available in a myriad of formats, including a number of FDC's and a leaflet. Check the Greenland Post Website.

Costa Rica honors it celebrated cartoonists

A first series of two stamps focusing on cartoonists from Costa Rica, features artwork by Francisco “Paco” Hernández, Noé Solano, Hugo Díaz “Lalo” and Jorge Chavarría.  They are available via the Costa Rican Post website.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jack Ohman cartoon stamps

The New York Times just reprinted Jack Ohman's cartoon from July 7, 2010 and it's on the Oregonian, his newspaper's website, here.
I know him slightly. Perhaps I can convince him to sell these stamps at Zazzle...