Wednesday, February 1, 2012

British comic book stamps coming

GB Stamp has the story.

75 years of British comics from Royal Mail

A preview of a new set of comics-themed stamps from the Royal Mail was presented a while ago on the GB Stamps site.  This set, slated for march 2012, consists of ten stamps, each featuring an important comics magazine from the past 75 years and on of the key characters from that magazine.  They include the Dandy (with Desperate Dan), the Beano (with Dennis the Menace), the Eagle (with Dan Dare), Topper (with Beryl The Peril), Tiger (with Roy of the Rovers), the Bunty (with the Four Marys), Buster (with Buster as drawn by Hugh McNeill), Valiant (with The Steel Claw), Twinkle and, finally, 2000AD (with Judge Dredd).

As yet there's no mention of the stamps on the Royal Mail website, but you can order both the limited edition Girls' and Boys' FDC's from the British First Day Covers website.