Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Astérix Stamps

The French Post Office is issuing a new set of Astérix stamps, to celebrate the little Gaul's 50th anniversary. Two issues have been announced : a sheet of six stamps, featuring several characters from the series (priced at 5,20 € of which 1,84 € is donated to the French Red Cross) and a solo stamp (0,56 €). So far, the La Poste philately site isn't listing the stamps, but BoDoï has already published a preview of the sheet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oliphant Maximum card from 1988

Stamps - Oliphant maximum card

Based on this text, I'm unclear as to whether Oliphant drew the stamp as well. Does anyone know? And I don't know if the USPS does these anymore - I've been buying stamped postcards for the recent comics stamps.

"This maximum card was issued in connection with the U.S./ Australia commemorative stamp which was jointly issued in Washington, D.C. and Sydney, Australia, on January 26, 1988. The stamps was designed by Roland Harvey of Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. The art shown on the reverse of this card was designed by the renowned syndicated cartoonist, Pat Oliphant.

No. 88-1