Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Art of Disney Stamps book out from US Post Office

The US Post Office is selling Art of Disney Stamps, a US$50 hardcover book on the making of the 4 sets of Disney stamps they've issued. Their description reads:

Offering a rare, behind–the–scenes look at a popular stamp series, The Art of Disney Stamps book is filled with seldom seen developmental sketches and beautiful artwork from the Disney creative team.

Discover the fascinating process of bringing the full magic of Disney to a space the size of a postage stamp. This unique book comes with all 20 The Art of Disney stamps and a special Walt Disney stamp issued in 1968. A true collector’s treasure!

The 1968 stamp is the one issued for Walt Disney after his death.

They've got other new Disney products too like The Art of Disney Postmark Collectibles Collection (Set of 4) which is also US$50. All of their Disney products can be seen here - if anyone adds up the complete cost, let me know.

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