Monday, September 1, 2014

Earl Musick's promo stamps for the US Post Office

Back in July, cartoonist Earl Musick posted on his Facebook page (and thanks to Earl for giving his permission for this repost):

"Some artists are given months to design and paint one postage stamp. I was given 9 hours, YES, nine hours to design and paint 10 postage stamps for the US Postal Service. I did it in 8 hours and 45 minutes. The USPS people told me the designs were terrific and they wanted to use them, but now they must go through legal and other executives for approval before I am allowed to show them. I hope they will be available to show soon. Keep in mind my stamps are only going to be used for USPS promotional purposes and not for real postage."

Today, he says,

Many of you have requested to see the "PROMOTIONAL ONLY" stamps that I designed for the USPS. I was given only 9 hours to design and complete a sheet of promotional stamps that show the dedication of the USPS employees. These were my topics and here are my designs. The designs were simple in style because of the time limit. I hope you like them.
Rain Sleet Snow
Mr. ZIP and the ZIPCODE
Operation Santa
Still Making House calls
Largest Civilian Employer of Vets
Ben Franklin
Stamp Collecting
Delivering to Military
Most Trusted
Mule Train (Grand Canyon, AZ) "USPS delivers to every address."

Photo: Many of you have requested to see the

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